Winterpaw's VRChat Cat

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What's included?

This avatar is ready to upload to VRChat and has a community-made Quest compatible version! It's super easy to use and comes with in-game customization, tutorials and editor files. I also have an awesome discord community where you can ask questions, commission recolors and edits, and hang out!

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The avatar is set up for SDK3 and the base version includes:

  • Full facial visemes
  • Face expressions
  • Support for FBT
  • Physbones for the ears, tail, hair, and whiskers
  • Buff and thin body sliders
  • Breathing, nose/ear twitching idle animations
  • Ear/tail puppet controls
  • Five body texture variations
  • Fourteen eye texture variations
  • Toggleable blush and claws
  • Ear size slider
  • Rounded ear blendshape

The expanded version adds:

  • Toggleable sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts, glasses, collar

The complete version adds:

  • Toggleable penis with size slider
  • PSD with instructions for adding boxer briefs to your own texture

If you have already purchased the avatar and would like to upgrade to a different version, please message me (

What's in the download package?

  • Unity setup package
  • Blender file
  • Substance file
  • Photoshop files

Now includes community created Quest version!! Please note that it is a largely automatic conversion so the result is not exactly the same as what is pictured here. The conversion also remaps the UVs so it cannot be retextured using the existing Substance/Photoshop files. 

Terms of Service:

You may:

-Publicly upload this avatar, as long as it is credited

-Use my models in VRChat and set it up for other games such as Beatsaber, NeosVR, Chillout VR, etc.

-Use these avatars for streaming, YouTube videos, etc. including monetized videos

-Edit this model in any way you like for your personal use.

-Sell texture/edit commissions on the avatar. Both you and the client must own the avatar.

You may not:

-Resell or redistribute the avatar or any of the download contents, either directly or as part of another package

If you encounter any issues while uploading please let me know! I do my best to test each avatar as thoroughly as I can but sometimes things slip through so if you find any problems in the package let me know and I will get it fixed as soon as possible ^.^

I want this!

Cat avatar ready to upload!

SDK3 VRChat Package
Full Body Tracking Compatible
Substance Painter Files
Labeled Photoshop Files
Blender Files
Quest Compatible
Tons of Body Customization
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Winterpaw's VRChat Cat

270 ratings
I want this!